RSMA Summer Camp 2019! (7th Year)

An awesome summer experience for your child! New students will learn basic martial arts techniques and current students will have the opportunity to advance their skills and learn some new moves. All students will participate in confidence and teamwork drills, learn self-defense, play fun games and make new friends. Special activities and crafts will be included to go along with the theme of the week. Don’t let your child sit around at home all summer! Now in it’s seventh year, the RSMA Summer Camp program has an excellent track record for providing a fun, safe experience for kids and teens in our community. Of course at RSMA we strive to improve each year – so this year WILL be better than ever!!

Remember your child can come for one week or all summer – or any number of camps in between!! Our popular camps FILLED UP last summer, so get in touch and get your kids signed-up today!!!

·       Camp is available for ages 5 – 13. Four year olds may come with an older sibling only.

·       Leadership roles available for your teen (14-17); camp is free of charge if they qualify. See Ms. Chriztie for more details, we have a limited number of spots open.

·       Camp hours are 8:30am – 4:00pm. Extended hours run from 7:30am – 5:30pm for an additional cost. Note: There will be no After Camp Karate this year. Extended hours will be a time of rest and play. If you need hours outside those offered please contact Ms. Chriztie.

Weekly themes:

June 17th – June 21st Karate Class Karate Games (Week 1)

Start the summer off right with the chance to earn stripes and class credit in our karate class camp. Each day will feature two full karate classes in between playing all of our favorite karate games, like Star Wars, Shinobi, and Disappear. New students will get to see what a regular karate class is like, learn the RSMA warm-up, and break a board.

June 24th – June 28th NERF Wars (Week 2)

It’s easy to see why this has been our most popular camp the past six years in a row – who doesn’t love NERF guns!?! Bring your high-energy kid to this camp to let them run off steam and engage in some good, old-fashioned rough fun! Lots of free play is intermingled with plenty of structured activities and games. Kids will also learn what it takes to be a NERF soldier with survival games and tactics. If you’ve got a little one, don’t worry – we maintain an inclusive environment, with special games for our little shooters and protective goggles to help them feel safe.

July 1st – July 3rd (Short week) Grapple Mania (Week 3)

This one is for all our wrestlers and ground fighters! We are going to learn lots of fun Brazilian Ju-Jitsu techniques and test them out with freestyle grappling. We will have special guest teachers show us some of the best real wrestling moves and we will use them in our very own WWE Smack Down Special.  Oh yeah!

July 8th – July 12th Jedi Knight Training Academy (Star Wars) (Week 4)

Another RSMA special and camp favorite, this year we’ve got some brand new activities to take your favorite Jedi’s training to the next level! Each kid will get to make their own pool noodle lightsaber to take home. We will run LOTS of lightsaber duels and learn lightsaber moves based on real sword moves. Of course at RSMA, star wars also refers to our favorite suction cup star game – which we play lots of in all of our time tested variations.

July 15th – July 19th Totally Taekwondo (Week 5)

Did you know the basis of our white through black belt program is Taekwondo? This is an excellent opportunity for current students to learn about the martial art that they practice, or a great intro for kids thinking about starting their black belt training. Kids will study the moves and history of taekwondo, and learn about Korea with arts and crafts and Korean language lessons.  Special activities will include obstacle courses, races, contests and fun new games!

July 22nd – July 26th Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimate Tools (Week 6)

Master the arts of TMNT in this special tool-oriented camp. We will start off Monday by learning the basics of Ninjutsu and how to duel wield katanas like the turtles tactical leader, Leonardo. Tuesday will be spent honing our comedic instincts and swinging nunchucks like our favorite funny guy, Michelangelo. Wednesday we will be tech savvy engineers as we design a crime-fighting gadget and learn how to roll and strike with bo staffs like Donatello. Thursday we will rock the sai like Raphael, and we will finish off with some advanced Ninjutsu techniques on Friday as we put all of our skills together to become Master Splinter! Each day we will also learn a little bit about the artists our favorite turtles are named after, and we will also have a pizza party on Friday!

July 29th – August 2nd Super Smash Fest Board Breaking (Week 7)

Learn proper board breaking technique while strengthening the body to prepare for the ultimate test – smashing through wood! We will also learn about anatomy, including the bones of body and how they relate to board breaking.  Special activities will include a skeleton race and making art out of our boards.  Perfect for kids with lots of energy! We are running this camp close to the August advanced test for a reason - come in and practice those breaks!!

**There will be an additional $15 charge to cover cost of four boards for each camper each day!

August 5th – August 9th Nerds & Artists Unite (Week 8)

Take a break from all the high energy stuff during this relaxing week. Nerd stuff will include card games like Pokémon and Magic, and artist stuff will include plenty of painting and drawing as well as some fun crafts. We will also run plenty of Dungeons and Dragons mini games for all of our role playing game friends!  

August 12th – August 16th Defend Yourself (Week 9)

Our special self-defense week will feature age appropriate defense techniques designed to be easily implemented and to keep your kids safe. We will cover “avoid when possible, check when you cannot avoid, and lastly, defend when you cannot avoid or check,” from our white belt creed. Campers will also be exposed to our complete Verbal Judo program, designed to defend from bullies. RSMA is proud to be able to run this camp and we feel that this information is especially important in light of the recent abduction attempts in Cecil County.

August 19th – August 23rd Spy Another Day (Week 10)

Do you have what it takes to be the next 007? Find out in our top-secret spy camp. Learn special investigation techniques, go undercover, and test your skills by solving a cryptogram puzzle. We will also go over sneaky takedowns, and we will have TWO days of our yarn laser maze, with new activities to go along with it! Kids will learn about real spies and the special techniques they used to complete their missions.

August 26th – August 30th Review/Advancement Intensive (Week 11)

Get back in the game and prep for the start of school with this special curriculum based training week. All students will go over everything they need to know to get to their next rank, in addition to making sure their entire old curriculum is on point. Highly recommended for anyone who took summer off of training of took it easy with summer attendance.


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