We accept new students at any time. Please call for an appointment, we offer all of our students TWO WEEKS of FREE classes, plus an amazing family rate and no contract. 410-658-4065

We are interested in the needs of our student community. We want to hear from you! What are you looking for in a martial arts training environment? Does your child (or you) need to learn self-discipline, respect, and confidence? Do they need to see what commitment looks like, and learn how to self-motivate? Do they have ADHD or another learning difference that makes school difficult for them? Maybe they're shy and you're looking for something to help them "come out of their shell," or you homeschool and are looking for a physical outlet so your kids can make friends and meet a gym requirement. Or is it that your kids love TMNT, Ninjago, and the Karate Kid and they just walk around the house kicking and punching everything?!? We have so many unique situations at RSMA, but one thing is true throughout - we are a family. We look out for each other, we have the hard talks about discipline, about pushing through when the going gets tough, we work on skills that help people better navigate their world!

RSMA Schedule

RSMA Schedule.jpg

RSMA Closed & Camp List:

Monday, December 24th (Christmas Eve) - RSMA CLOSED

Tuesday, December 25th (Christmas) - RSMA CLOSED

Wednesday, December 26th - RSMA CLOSED

Thursday, December 27th - CAMP

Friday, December 28th - CAMP

Monday, December 31st (New Years Eve) - RSMA CLOSED

Tuesday, January 1st (New Years Day) - RSMA CLOSED

Wednesday, January 2nd - CAMP

Monday, January 21st - CAMP

Monday, February 18th - CAMP

Friday, March 22nd (Inclement Weather Make-up Day) - CAMP (If applicable)

Thursday, April 18th (Inclement Weather Make-up Day) - CAMP (If applicable)

Friday, April 19th - CAMP

Monday, April 22nd - CAMP

Tuesday, April 23rd (Inclement Weather Make-up Day) - CAMP (If applicable)

Friday, May 24th (Inclement Weather Make-up Day) - CAMP (If applicable)

Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day) - RSMA CLOSED

June 12th - 14th (Inclement Weather Make-up Day) - CAMP (if applicable)

RSMA Summer Camp 2019 Official Start Day - June 17th

Advanced Test Dates:

December 9th

Purple Stripe Cut-Off for Purple through Probationary BB's wishing to test in December is November 12th. Students have until the day of the test to meet attendance, senpai and spar requirements.

Spar Makeup Dates:

December 13th

Note: There are 5 opportunities to spar each month.  Green through red belts are required to spar once per month.  Purple through probationary black belts are required to spar twice per month.  Students must have a total of 8 spar classes during the 4 month rotation to be eligible for advancement beyond purple belt.  If you or your child cannot make the monthly requirement, speak to your instructor.

RSMA  Staff Meetings:

Sunday, December 16th 2:00pm

RSMA Demo Team Events:

North East Christmas Parade - Saturday, December 1st