RSMA is excited to offer our students monthly workshops! These workshops will be open to non-student members of the community unless otherwise noted. We hope to see you there!

Mr. Paul's Cutting Workshop & BBQ, September 2016

Hojo Workshop with Mr. Erik, August 2016. Hojo workshop attendees had a great time tying each other up - just look at the smiles on their faces in these pictures. This was a rare opportunity, as hojojustsu is a traditional Japanese martial art that is not often taught in the states.

Breaking Workshop with Mr. Randy & Mr. Paul, July 2016

Krav Maga with Don Schuler, June 2016. Our special guest instructor Don Schuler taught adults and black belts some basic Krav Maga gun and knife defense in this work-out paced workshop. Krav Maga has a philosophy emphasizing threat neutralization, simultaneous defensive and offensive maneuvers, and aggression. We had a great time learning these moves and left feeling better prepared to deal with an attack from a gun or knife!

Community Safety Workshop, May 2016. Union Hospital Emergency Room Nurses, including our very own Ms. Ann Kotkas, did a great job teaching this free safety workshop for women and teens from our community. They taught women's self-defense, party and medication safety, as well as what to do in the event of a sexual assault. Very useful information!

Bunkai, April 2016. Mr. Erik and Ms. Chriztie taught one of our favorite subjects as workshop participants delved into what their forms represent. Mr. Erik did an excellent job breaking down the meaning of bunkai into a format that was easy to digest and implement in our students' daily training. If you missed this one you really missed out - make sure you make it to the next bunkai workshop!

Ninja Workshop, April 2016. We didn't get any pictures this year - our ninjas were being too fast and stealthy to be caught on camera, but we did receive this unsolicited review from a parent of one of our attendees:

"Hello! I just wanted to thank you for a great Ninja workshop last night! Luke absolutely loved the class and has been practicing all day. It seems like he remembers everything he learned and has shown all his grandparents and cousins and brothers all his "new moves." He slept in so late this morning that we had to wake him up for church, from working so hard last night! I really liked how the class was handled and the positive atmosphere from everyone in the room."

Thank you for bringing your son and for recognizing the hard work that our instructors put in to make sure each workshop is a valuable learning experience for your kids!

Bully Proof! March 2016. Our students as well as kids from the community learned how to deal with bullies verbally and physically at this much needed workshop. While RSMA is always saddened for the need to teach kids to defend themselves from other kids, we are a the same time proud to be able to fill that need. We want to give our kids the tools to protect themselves, not just from physical assaults, but from mental anguish as well, which is what verbal bullying and teasing is. We teach our kids techniques to they don't have to ignore it - they can do something about it!

Aikido 2! February 2016. We were so excited to have Manogue Sensei back at our school for our second Aikido workshop. Our black belts (and some under black, too) learned a ton about breakfalls, rolls, flow and joint manipulation and we are sure to see it put to work in future black belt classes. We had a great turnout and can't wait for the next one!

Breaking! November 2015. Breaking is one of the three main parts of martial arts training, so it pays to practice it whenever possible! This workshop featured instruction from Mr. Erik and Ms. Chriztie about proper breaking technique, approach to training and energy. Following instruction each participant got to break a STACK of boards!

Leadership/Sempai. October 2015. Mr. Randy taught sempais and instructors how to break down each stripe and construct a drill to effectively teach the skill to students. He also taught on maintaining class energy and dealing with difficult students. Participants all said they gained a lot of valuable skills that they can use when in that role at RSMA and as leaders in their daily life.

Cutting Workshop & BBQ at Mr. Paul's House. September 2015. What does a modern day samurai want for his birthday? To cut, slice and smash stuff, of course! This workshop/BBQ/birthday celebration for Mr. Paul was a ton of fun, we cut tatami and bamboo with katana and wakazashi, and sliced and smashed watermelon, cantaloupe and clay pots with various knives, nunchucks, bo staffs, and brass knuckles.

Emotional Management/Relaxation/Centering. August 2015. Special guest instructor Ms. Julie Elliott taught children and their parents tools to help them relax, recenter and deal with emotional upsets and anger. She also taught about what role food plays in our emotional help, and all the kids helped make delicious smoothies! Participants gained lots of tools for their emotional toolbox, including breathing techniques, yoga and guided meditation.

Spotlighting! July 2015. Taught by our own demonstration team leader, Mr. Erik Kotkas, this workshop focused on preparing students for the (sometimes dreaded) moment when they show off their skills to a large group of people. Whether it be talking or physical performance, workshop participants learned tools and techniques to help them overcome anxiety and perform to the best of their ability.

Beyond Stranger Danger, Children's Self-Defense and Stranger Safety. June 2015. The old adage "Stranger Danger" does not adequately prepare kids to handle themselves in an emergency situation. This workshop taught young children the value of using their voice, getting help when needed and continuing to fight off a would-be abductor for as long as necessary. Studies have shown that even young children can escape an abduction attempt by continuing to resist. This workshop empowered community children with the knowledge necessary to do just that.

Gardening! May 2015. Special guest instructor Mr. Enn Kotkas helped us plant the first ever RSMA community garden at Ms. Chriztie's house. Adults and kids did a great job supplying, preparing and planting the garden, which was available all summer and into the fall for harvesting. Attendees also took a walk through the woods to learn about local edible plants for wilderness survival. The workshop was followed by a BBQ. All-in-all it was a great day!

Women's Self-Defense. April 2015. Mr. Randy Ails and Ms. Ann Kotkas taught this workshop, and together have over forty years of women's self-defense experience. Participants practiced practical techniques designed to fend off an attacker, and also learned about posture and self-safety to avoid being targeted in the first place.

Breaking! March 2015.This workshop ran just in time for the advanced test, and all of our students did a great job practicing proper breaking mechanics, multi directional breaks, and breaking their boards. Their hard work really paid off at the April black belt test! Great job everyone!

Aikido! March 2015. Taught by guest instructor and aikido master Sensei Manogue, this workshop taught our black belts some great new aiki techniques, from stretching to submissions! All of our instructors and black belts had a great time - and we were definitely sore the next day!

Excellence! February 2015. This workshop was open to green belts and above, and was highly recommended for all students in the advanced test rotation (purple through probationary black belts). We detailed forms and worked on overall performance in preparation for the next advanced test. We had an excellent turnout and all of our participants gathered some valuable information!

Ninja! January 2015. The kids had a great time at this one, learning the basics of ninpo, including moving stealthily, using their surroundings to hide, and redirecting their opponents. They finished the night learning to use blow darts and shuriken!

Kai-Ten! October 2014.  Mr. Aaron and Ms. Joanna taught students all about rolling and tumbling. These are excellent skills to hone as they can be used to create distance from an opponent, escape an attack and prevent injury from a fall. The kids and adults who attended had a great time!

Breaking! September 2014. Mr. Erik and Mr. Aaron taught our first workshop and it was great! Participants learned proper breaking techniques through fun drills and then they got to break a pile of boards. Check out our photos and video below.