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I understand that RSMA is a martial arts school and not a daycare in as RSMA's stock in trade is not supervision and care.  The intent of the school is to teach martial arts physical and philosophical character building skills.  I understand that RSMA is a martial arts school and is a drop in facility in as such: parents are free to pick up and drop off their child/children at their discretion during camp hours.  

Waiver and Release: Parent/Guardian and Student agree that student(s) is/are engaging in physical activity and the use of equipment, use of RSMA facilities, training and instruction, which can be dangerous and could cause injury to the student. The student is voluntarily participating in these activities and buyer and student assume all risks of injury to the student.  Buyer and student hereby waive and release any claim or right to sue RSMA, employees or agents for injury to the student.  Buyer and/or student have carefully read this wavier and release and fully understand, it is a release of all liability and damage to RSMA for any injury.  RSMA will make no evaluation or recommendation whether students or guests are physically fit for exercise activities.  It is always advisable to consult your physician before undertaking a physical exercise program, particularly martial arts activities.  

Loss/Damage/Theft of Student Property: RSMA does not assume any responsibility for the loss, damage or theft of any property belonging to the student.  

Buyer understands this is a legal and binding agreement that must be satisfied in full if the student attends any portion of the camp week.  Refunds may be considered if cancellation occurs by the Friday before camp starts, at the discretion of RSMA office staff.  

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