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Meet the Staff


Mr. Randy began his martial arts journey in 1971. He has studied multiple styles both classical and modern and as inspired by Bruce Lee, combined the strengths from each into what has become our unique martial style.  After receiving a bachelors degree in English and serving in the federal government, Mr. Randy returned to the dojo and ultimately took over the Rising Sun school in 1994.  Mr. Randy leads the instructor team and teaches tools and black belt classes, and is regularly involved in evening classes of all levels.

Mr. Randall Ails
Owner and Head Instructor


Ms. Ann Kotkas
Owner and Head Instructor

Ms. Ann has been training since 1993 and received her black belt in 1996.  She is a co-owner of the Karate School.  As she continued her training, she began to pursue a career in the medical field as an Emergency Room Registered Nurse which she continues today.  She is in charge of management of the staff at the school.  


Mr. Erik Kotkas
Owner and Head Instructor

Mr. Erik has been training since 1998 and received his blackbelt in 2001.  During his time at Rising Sun Martial Arts, he studied various disciplines such as Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun, Aiki JuJitsu, Tai Chi and various tools.  Mr. Erik is also a co-owner of the Karate School.  He is the head instructor of the evening program and the lead instructor of the demonstration team.  Mr. Erik also is a seasoned flight instructor and began his education in flight in 2001.  


Mr. Dan Mink

Mr. Dan began his training at RSMA in 2007. He became a martial arts summer camp counselor in 2015 and started instructing in our after school program the next year. Mr. Dan now teaches in PeeWee classes and is a head instructor in our mainstream program.


Mr. Ben Borchardt
Head Instructor

Mr. Ben has been studying at RSMA since 2009. He started teaching in our PeeWee class in 2012 and also instructs in our After School and Summer Camp programs. Mr. Ben is a member of the demonstration team and is now pursuing a degree in engineering while also working as a head instructor in the mainstream program.

Mr. Kevin Strausser

Head Spar Instructor

Mr. Kevin began his Martial Arts training in 1989 and received in black belt in Chun Do Kwan in 2000.  Since then, he has studied various other arts such as Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, Judo, and Shotokan Karate before finding a home at Rising Sun Martial Arts in 2017.  Mr. Kevin is currently the head Spar instructor at Rising Sun Martial Arts as well as instructs in the mainstream program.

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