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Educate. Learn. Develop. 

Kids with higher self-worth get better school grades!

Rising Sun Martial Arts is excited to be able to once again offer our transported After School Karate Program! We began this program in 2016 with only seven kids and watched it grow and flourish until the pandemic hit. Well, now that kids are back in school we want to once again offer this exciting program - where kids can go all the way from white to black belt in a structured, safe, and fun environment. 


Kids get to RSMA via bus or pick-up, and have time to have a snack (if they bring one) and change into their uniform. We then run a full karate class, including spar on Wednesday’s. After karate kids will change back into their regular clothes and have time to complete their schoolwork before parent pick-up. Belt testing will be on Sunday’s with the evening program students and kids will be recommended when they are ready to pass the test - it is go at your own pace with no pressure to “keep up” with anyone else. Parents can rest easy knowing their children are not only being well taken care of but also gaining valuable life skills in the form of martial arts training - self-confidence, respect, and self-defense, to name a few!


Schools Supported: 

Rising Sun Elementary

Calvert Elementary

Conowingo Elementary

Rising Sun Middle

Rising Sun High


After School Karate:

$85 per week for one student

$125 per week family rate (two or more students)

After School Karate (Wednesday only)

$28 one student

$41 family rate (two or more students)


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